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I love photographing people — especially sensual people that stimulate arousal. I specialize in boudoir, cosplay, fitness, glamour, and tattoo photography — with a twist. I look for every opportunity to infuse "geeknology" into my shoots. And not just the trivial hot chick with comic book. But taking glamour photo opportunities and injecting nerdy little easter eggs. These easter eggs could be anime-inspired, a video game or comic book reference or a random Gundam figure here or there.

Should you discover one of these easter eggs, please feel free to share on social media and tag the hell outta me (#BrockstarPhotography on most social media). I love that shit!

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I am always coming up with crazy ideas and planning elaborate productions in my head. But, being that the people in my head are horrible models and never appear on camera for some strange reason, I am always in need of actual models to help bring my creations to life.

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Re-visiting the Past and I Think I Am On To Something

When I first got started with reviewing images from a couple of years ago, I thought I...
11th Jul 17

Interview With Benjamin Von Wong

Adobe posted an interview a couple of days ago with acclaimed photographer Benjamin Von Wong. This dude’s...
6th Jun 17

Starting To Feel Like A Rockstar, But I Must Say Goodbye

I wish to thank ALL of the models I have worked with. It’s been an amazing ride!...
5th Jun 17

Standing At A Crossroad; And Growing Up By Letting Go

So, what do you do when the thing that you love to do is considered to be...
26th May 17

Recharging the Creative Battery

Wow! It’s been a while. I feel like a stranger on my own site right now. Work...
23rd May 17

The Beauty And The Mamiya

Another successful shootout down! I had the pleasure of heading back up to Lebanon, PA last weekend...
16th Feb 17

Art Re-Appreciation and What I Took For Granted In Art School

Yup. I am in transition—yet again. No surprise to anyone there, but this time it’s more of...
12th Jan 17

Year-End Reflections and My 2017 Resolutions Brainstorm

Man, the year is almost over. 2016 has been of year of serious ups and downs. There...
7th Dec 16

2017 Wishlist. What I Want To Get Accomplished

I should have done this for 2016 to see how many things I can cross off. So,...
6th Dec 16

Not Getting Rid Of Me… Yet

I know I have been pretty quiet lately. You haven’t had the pleasure of reading my mind-blowing...
24th Oct 16


Hey all. Happy humpday! I like free shit. I won’t lie. I have a motive for starting...
12th Oct 16

In Transition And the Re-Re-Reinvention Of An Imagination Moth

So I kinda fell off the wagon. I guess this was expected. This is what happens when...
28th Sep 16

My Mission To Be More Productive… And The Procrastination Chronicles

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to become more productive and how to generate...
14th Sep 16

Shoot Postponement And The Ensuing Letdown

I have a cool shoot scheduled for later today. I am going to join a number of...
12th Sep 16

The Non-Traveler’s Guide To Nowhere

I must admit something a bit shameful — I have not traveled from the east coast. That’s...
2nd Sep 16

The Importance of Practice… And How I Need More Of It

“Practice makes perfect.” How many times have we heard that in our lives. How about, “perfect practice...
30th Aug 16

A Whole New World

WOW! That’s all I can say about the last month or so. I have met so many...
29th Aug 16

“I Have The Best Friends” And Other Related Thoughts

If we have just embraced after coffee or I have not spoken to you in forever —...
24th Aug 16

I’m Never Gonna Grow Up

Get over it. I’m never gonna grow up. But my art and my eye will. I admit,...
10th Aug 16

Gearing Up For The Con

Sounds like an Ocean’s Seven intro, but I am actually talking about the upcoming Otakon convention in...
9th Aug 16

The Countdown Begins

Seven days! Seven days and counting to the east coast’s largest otaku gathering of the year! I...
4th Aug 16

Just Having So Much Fun

Did I tell you how much I fuckin’ love photography!? Being a photographer is amazing. But the...
3rd Aug 16

In The Editing Room

I am so grateful that I am able to work with so many amazing people – photographers,...
2nd Aug 16

Success! And The Willingness to Learn

Hey all! Happy Monday! I am riding a serious high from my shoot this weekend. I am...
1st Aug 16

And THIS Is Why I Don’t Plan… The Best Laid Plans

So I just posted about the lessons learned and how I needed to do a better job...
13th Jul 16

The Countdown Begins

My favorite event of the year is 4 weeks away and I am counting it down. Yes,...
13th Jul 16

Planning Is NOT My Strength… But I AM Trying

So I have a few days before my next shoot. I am planning a Pokemon-themed shoot and...
13th Jul 16

I Think I May Have Dropped The Ball

One of my favorite models stopped by the DMV on her East Coast Tour and hung out...
11th Jul 16

I Need a Portrait of This Pirate

I was browsing the interwebs a week ago, killing time while I was waiting for my family...
11th Jul 16

Otakon 2016 Photography Pre-Thoughts

Otakon 2016 is only a month away and I am getting super anxious and super excited! Otakon...
8th Jul 16

The Pursuit of Published Work

I have been shooting photography for a little over 8 years now—off and on. More off than...
24th Jun 16

Getting Geared Up

I have recently decided that I want to take my photography and cinematography seriously. I am not...
24th Jun 16

My First Attempt At A Cinemagraph

I had a shoot a couple of weekends ago with the cute model Charlotte Dell’Acqua. We were...
24th Jun 16

My, How I’ve Grown

I was sitting on the couch last night watching my Pens beat up on the Caps in...
24th Jun 16

A Hard Lesson In Preparedness

Coming off a somewhat productive weekend, I spent a little time reflecting on a recently missed opportunity.I...
24th Jun 16

Otakon 2016 Preparations

Otakon is right around the corner and I am having a tough time containing my nerdy joy.
22nd Jun 16