Otakon 2016

Otakon 2016 Photoshoot Booking

It's that time of the year again!

One last hurray to Charm City! This may be the last year by the water, so let's make it count! I am now booking photo shoots for Otakon 2016. I will be available Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon. Sunset and night shoots are available, as well as hotel shoots. Priority booking consideration will be given to cosplayers who are looking for a professional glamour photographer to shoot the more sensual side of your favorite character. I will also be available to shoot SG Hopefuls and CosplayDeviants.com submission sets. Book today before I am all booked up.

  • 10-Minute Session

  • $1499
    10 minute session
  • 1-3 characters
  • *$10/add. character
  • Up to 3 lightly edited photos
  • 30-Minute Session

  • $2999
    30 minute session
  • 1-3 characters
  • *$15/add. character
  • Up to 10 lightly edited photos
  • 60-Minute Session

  • $5998
    60 minute shoot
  • 1-5 characters
  • * $15/add. character
  • Up to 20 lightly edited images

Shooting SG Hopefuls & Cosplay Deviants Sets

Looking to submit sets for approval or publication?

I will be available with my makeup artist and hair friends to shoot Hopefuls photo sets for Suicide Girls and CosplayDeviants.com. If you have any other sites or magazines you wish to submit sets to, just give me a shout. I would love to be the photographer who helps you get discovered or approved for your next set!

  • SG Hopefuls & Cosplay Deviants Session

  • $Inquire
  • Pro make-up & hair included
  • 45-60 lightly edited shots, ready for submission