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13 Jul 2016

And THIS Is Why I Don’t Plan… The Best Laid Plans

So I just posted about the lessons learned and how I needed to do a better job planning. But what happens when you make every attempt to plan and everything falls apart anyways? Well, that’s what I am dealing with right now. You know that Pokemon-themed bondage shoot I have been planning for the last month? Not happening. My models have other obligations and my shoot dropped to the bottom. Now with scheduling conflicts, I am the odd man out. […]

11 Jul 2016

I Need a Portrait of This Pirate

I was browsing the interwebs a week ago, killing time while I was waiting for my family to get tired of being at my place when I ran across an image that made me get all kinds of excited (for multiple reasons…). Bandai has been doing a few gender cross figures and I must say, the ones for the anime series One Piece are amazing! This new figure is of the main character Luffy and I NEED TO SHOOT THIS! […]

28 Jun 2016

The Thunder is Rumbling and I am Face Up In Bed

It’s a stormy night here in northern Virginia. One of the only reasons I like this time of year is the lightning storms and rolling thunder. When I was younger, my Pops and I would sit out on the front steps of our Largo townhouse after a good rain and just watch the light show in the sky. Since then, I have always loved watching the flashing streaks across the sky and listening to the gentle rumble crescendo into an […]

24 Jun 2016

Find The Thing That Rejuvenates You…

…and do it to death! Let me repeat. Find that thing that rejuvenates you, and do it to death! I have a standard 9-5 as a web designer for a small media company. I am finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on work when all I can think about is what I am going to shoot next or how I want my next lighting setup to look or how I need to edit a photo I shot for the best […]