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Category : photography

24 Jun 2016

The Pursuit of Published Work

I have been shooting photography for a little over 8 years now—off and on. More off than on, but that’s another story. Recently I have seen friends of mine get work published in various magazines and some have even gone on to have gallery showings. That’s awesome that I am among so many talented individuals. Many who think my work is very good. So for the last year or 2, I have had the idea that I want to get […]

24 Jun 2016

Getting Geared Up

I have recently decided that I want to take my photography and cinematography seriously. I am not exactly sure in what context, but I know I LOVE creating as much as I LOVE building.I sat down and had a bit of a meditation session. I have mentioned to several photographer friends of mine that I wanted to shoot more. I had to figure out why I don’t. During the meditation session, I realized that I only shoot with friends because […]

24 Jun 2016

My First Attempt At A Cinemagraph

I had a shoot a couple of weekends ago with the cute model Charlotte Dell’Acqua. We were on a farm located in southern Maryland and I had this grand idea. I saw a cluster of reeds and, luckily for me, the organizer of the shoot had his drone. That was all I needed to created a little artificial wind.After a few tries of trying to get the proper amount of movement in the reeds and in the model’s hair, I […]

24 Jun 2016

My, How I’ve Grown

I was sitting on the couch last night watching my Pens beat up on the Caps in game 4 with my iPad in my lap. I am having to go through the device because I got that annoying message about how my iPad had reached capacity. I was clearing out some old apps I don’t use and some eBooks I have finished reading and I came across an old FUSE Magazine.Without viewing the cover, I started swiping through the images. […]

24 Jun 2016

A Hard Lesson In Preparedness

Coming off a somewhat productive weekend, I spent a little time reflecting on a recently missed opportunity.I had the opportunity to shot the amazing Chicago duo of Cali Sefora and Morgin Pabst. If you have checked out any of their work, and you know anything about my love for inked women, you’d know that this was an opportunity I was NOT going to miss. This post is not about the shoot. That’s for another post. This story is about how […]

23 Jun 2016
22 Jun 2016

Otakon 2016 Preparations

Otakon is right around the corner and I am having a tough time containing my nerdy joy.