Category : General Thoughts

10 Aug 2016

I’m Never Gonna Grow Up

Get over it. I’m never gonna grow up. But my art and my eye will. I admit, I’m a bit of a perv. That’s no surprise to people who know me. I still have pervy adolescent thoughts and I love my basement full of toys. But I realized a shift recently. Enough so that I felt compelled to write this. Let me preface this post with the fact that I LOVE glamour and erotic photography. The shape of a woman. […]

09 Aug 2016

Gearing Up For The Con

Sounds like an Ocean’s Seven intro, but I am actually talking about the upcoming Otakon convention in Baltimore this weekend. I am so excited and can’t wait! So many people! So much cosplay! So many anime episodes to watch! So many Gundams to build! So many games to play! So many photo opportunities! But before I head off to the destination of fellow anime nerds everywhere, I am wrapping up some loose ends. I have a TON of photos still […]

03 Aug 2016

Just Having So Much Fun

Did I tell you how much I fuckin’ love photography!? Being a photographer is amazing. But the true reward comes from the giant smile that graces my face when I am in the editing studio remembering the vibe or how awesome the person I just shot was. I have to admit, this comes after spending last night editing some photos of a friend I shot a couple of weeks ago. I was in a pinch. I booked a studio to […]

29 Jul 2016

I Didn’t Wanna Leave Ya Hangin’

Been a little bit since my last post. I have been crushed at work with creating marketing messages for new product releases. I have been getting out of the office late and have had little time for myself. That sucks! But what doesn’t suck is that I have a few photo shoots scheduled for the weekend! My favorite curvy muse, Khrist, is stopping by to give me a little redemption after my last shoot. I have decided to keep this […]

20 Jul 2016

What’s Old Is New Again

Geez. The things I wish I could tell 12-year old me… “Don’t let people tell you video games are a waste of time. Keep drawing. Who cares if you keep getting in trouble because your Mom finds doodles where your school work should be. It’ll work out for you later. Give up trying to be the cool kid. You’ll end up as a nerd anyways. You should have introduced yourself to that cute Filipino girl in Home Ec. class instead […]

13 Jul 2016

The Countdown Begins

My favorite event of the year is 4 weeks away and I am counting it down. Yes, the countdown to Otakon 2016 begins today! I have been attending Otakon for several years. I have never cosplayed or led a panel, but I have attended cosplay burlesque shows and the ever popular “WTF Did I Just Watch” on numerous occasions. I managed to accidentally take over a photography 101 panel a couple of years ago. My bad… Of all of the […]