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16 Feb 2017

The Beauty And The Mamiya

Another successful shootout down! I had the pleasure of heading back up to Lebanon, PA last weekend for a shootout at Scott Church’s studio. Amazing space! Even on the second trip, I saw places I have never seen before. Hopefully the third time will be the charm as I think I have managed a gameplan and I plan to implement it on my next visit. Stay off the 3rd floor when it’s cold! I got the opportunity to catch up […]

09 Feb 2017

Just An Update

As a friend recently posted to me, “Nature gives NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKS!” I simply nodded and replied back, “Zero!” I have been under the weather for the better part of 3 and a half months and the last week was the absolute worst. I have been battling migraines since Thanksgiving along with sinus pressure and — the most recent event — a stomach bug that has left me 8 pounds lighter since it started last Sunday. The weather in the Washington, […]

24 Jan 2017

The Breaking Point And Why I Am Done With Twerkers

So—full disclosure—I love the female figure. I love the curves and dimples, the boobs and the ass. That smirky smile they give you when they know they’ve trapped you in that silky web they spin. Their eyes of love or possibility or  lust. Women are way more interesting TO ME to shoot. Much more so than men or children or cats and dogs or flowers or buildings… You know what I don’t like about the female figure? When it’s on […]

20 Jan 2017

Reading List 2017

I figured I’d use this post to show what I want to read, keep track of what’s being read and what I’ve already finished. I hope you can take some suggestions from it and help me add to it. Head over to Twitter and Facebook and drop me some suggestions. They don’t have to be business, self-help or sci-fi oriented. Send me whatever you have—biographies, erotica, fiction, non-fiction, art books, history… The Art of Possibility (Written by  Rosamund Stone Zander […]

19 Jan 2017

The Day I Decided to Become An Idea Machine

Idea sex. Yup. That’s right. I want to live by James Altucher’s concept of idea sex. My idea muscle has atrophied and I need some idea therapy… The desire to pursue art history has opened up a whole bunch of shit. There is some kind of craziness or some magic power has unleashed inside of me. You ever heard of Caravaggio? Me neither before a few days ago, and now I think this totally whacked out nutjob of an artist […]

11 Jan 2017

Already 11 Days In…

…and I must admit that I am off to a shaky start at best… I picked up a 26-inch Westcott Rapid Box for my birthday, and I have yet to assemble it and shoot… I bought a used Nikon D300 (…yes, I did decide to stay with Nikon) and a used Nikon 70-300 f/4-5.6 lens and have taken 1 shot with it (of a house plant to see how it felt… no, not the plant… I wanted to see how […]

07 Dec 2016

Year-End Reflections and My 2017 Resolutions Brainstorm

Man, the year is almost over. 2016 has been of year of serious ups and downs. There were times I never wanted the day to end, and others where I wanted to pull a blanket over my head and wait out impending doom. I think my sentiments are echoed for many people. And as I reflect on 2016, I start looking forward to the year to come. 2016 started out strong with several photo shoots! Samantha Shane, Meadow Bosworth and […]

06 Dec 2016

2017 Wishlist. What I Want To Get Accomplished

I should have done this for 2016 to see how many things I can cross off. So, I will start now. Here’s my list of things I’d like to accomplish—professionally—for 2017. This is casting a broad net across all of my skills in an attempt to widen my skills set and put in the 10,000 hours required for mastery. I am telling myself I want to take myself more seriously and become a better artist. Published in a print magazine. […]

24 Oct 2016

Not Getting Rid Of Me… Yet

I know I have been pretty quiet lately. You haven’t had the pleasure of reading my mind-blowing posts and now you feel lost. I understand. I am here for you, my child. Grab my hand. But know that if you do, the things you may see and hear in the near future may be more than you can handle. So, for a LONG time I have considered becoming an adult webmaster. I studied all kinds of sources and had a […]

10 Oct 2016

Closing The Year Out Strong… A Brief Reflection On 2016

It’s October. October is here already…!? Fuuuuuuck. Like a lot of people, I expected for 2016 to to my break out year. It started pretty strong with several shoots to get me ahead of my goal of a couple of shoots a month. Then it kinda — fizzled. I lost focus and the hustle disappeared. But, unlike many things I lose interest in, I decided this is too important to let go. I need to work harder. The same happened […]