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JOURNAL: 2018.02.06

Ok. It’s been a long time. But now it’s time… Time to get back to journaling and putting thoughts to paper (or screen).

FIRSTLY: I need to get back to shooting. For the last 6 months or so, I have been on hiatus. I have been studying digital sculpting as a compliment to my plastic model kit addiction (plamojunkie.com). I would like to MAKE figures, miniatures and statues. So I have been working with this really cool artist out on the west coast who has done and is doing what I want. He and I have been working online on the weekends and, while this shit is hard, I am having fun. Unfortunately work is picking up and I have less time to play with Z-Brush.

Speaking of having less time to play… My Street Fighter V skills are in the toilet. My Juri sucks and I am sad. I wanted to be a fighting force in the FGC, but I am pulling myself in so many different directions I just don’t have the time.

SECONDLY: I NEED to shoot some video! Video has me super-excited, but I have NO experience in production, minus the project I put together with my daughter. 2018 must change that! I WANT to shoot and edit video and then start on the path of motion graphics artist. I kinda put all of that stuff on hold, but I feel like a part of me is missing. I miss hauling the equipment and trekking through the woods with my Friend Samantha! I wanted a drone to so some cool video work and I have all kinds of ideas. I put it all on hold, but I am going to hit the un-pause button.

I met an amazing cosplayer. Young Eun is an absolute sweetheart. Incredibly talented and incredibly attractive.  I am looking to getting back into the studio with her and make some images.

Hopefully Khrist and I can get back in the studio and do some work, as well as Shannon Boothby and Cari Summers. Looking forward to getting a couple of female bodybuilder shoots this year.

I would like to go back to the calendar idea and shoot my sexy cosplayer calendar. We’ll see how the planning goes.

Since I have been gone, I have tried and failed horribly at music production. I found out that I am much less of a musician than a visual artist. I need to update my portfolio and make my website samples a bit beefier, as well as update some career profiles. There will be some changes and more updates on the way. Times are changing and I don’t want to get stick with tons of talent and nothing to show.