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Re-visiting the Past and I Think I Am On To Something

When I first got started with reviewing images from a couple of years ago, I thought I hadn’t really come far enough to see a difference.

In some respects, I was correct. I realized I hadn’t put in enough hours over the last couple of years to avoid some of the common mistakes I made in my shoots—be it be lighting, posing, framing, not capturing various angles/perspectives, etc.

What I did notice is that images I starred in Lightroom a couple of years back, after another look, didn’t make the cut this time around. I guess over the last two years, I have had a chance to hone in a little closer on what makes my photography—well—MY photography.

I posted on Facebook that I also needed to work on my editing. I think my editing could use a LOT more work. And I am not talking adding filters or running snazzy actions that hide the fact that the fundamentals aren’t there. I am talking about really digging down into the foundation of editing and being sure that whatever I do on the surface won’t crumble from a weak basic structure.

I want to be good.

I guess that’s what this post and the re-visiting of my past images has shown me. I care. I WANT to get better. I think my current work could use more creativity and thought. It could use better execution and better post-processing. Although most of my images are close to straight-out-of-camera (I do a little skin softening, a clarity boost and a contrast shift), I could still be better!

The models I have worked with, ABSOLUTELY FUCKIN’ ROCK! I want to be a better photographer/cinematographer/editor to ensure that I can showcase that in the best way possible.

I thank you all for viewing my work and being kind with the comments. But I need more work. And it’s because I want my work to improve that I am going to be much better 2 years from now.