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Interview With Benjamin Von Wong

Adobe posted an interview a couple of days ago with acclaimed photographer Benjamin Von Wong.

This dude’s work is amazing and creative and visually stunning and conscious!

I think that’s one of the things my work is missing—a purpose.

I like pretty shit and attractive women. I love costumes and monsters and toys and games and comics and attractive women. I love tanks and cars and planes and attractive women. I love neko girls and gothic lolitas and sharpened canines and attractive women. I love tattoos and piercings and attractive women with big muscles… *I think there is a theme in there somewhere…

What is my cause? What is my purpose for wanting to display these things? What are the stories I want to tell? There was a quote I read somewhere that went something like, “if you want to be more interesting, tell better stories.” I think once I figure that part out, I’ll break my glass ceiling and take the next step.

But this isn’t about me. Watch someone who clearly knows who he is and tells amazing stories. Check out the interview. Enjoy.