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Starting To Feel Like A Rockstar, But I Must Say Goodbye

I wish to thank ALL of the models I have worked with. It’s been an amazing ride!

To all of the photographers who have either mentored or offered words of encouragement, it’s been real.

The time has come for me to step away and follow the path my creative vision is taking me down.

Oh… wait… You thought I was saying goodbye to photography? Oh, heavens no. I am just getting started.

The goodbye is to glamour photography. I will still shoot it every now and then, but I really want to move on to more conceptual stuff. I had a shoot this past weekend that finally sent me on my way.

I attended an AMAZINGLY epic pool/mansion shoot. The models were overflowing, as was the food and beer. GREAT weekend and the models I got to work with were some of the most amazing I have worked with.

I got a chance to hang out with a buddy of mine and we were chatting it up. He seemed a bit melancholy. I think, looking back, he was looking the way I was feeling. I just couldn’t put my finger on why.

He mentioned that the event is a fun experience, it’s just not really his thing. I thought I felt that way, but being a virgin to the scene, I couldn’t pinpoint what I was feeling. I just know that I was thinking, “oh, man I wished I had [insert geeky prop here].” I wanted to set up a shoot but there were so many people all over the place, it was tough to keep people out of your frame.

The event happens again in September, and now that I know what to expect, I can go in with some serious ideas and set myself apart from everyone else.

The event is a glamour photographer’s wet dream. There are amazing models everywhere with a serious list of publishing credits.

I have to admit, I was a bit overwhelmed when I walked in and saw all of the models and photographers with their high-end wireless ProFoto setups, and there were more 70-200 2.8 lenses than I could have counted. I felt a little bit like a scrub… I walked in with my Seahorse case and a camera… I had some speedlights and my Alien Bees, but I definitely felt like the budget photographer that was swimming in a pond way bigger than I was supposed to…

That was until I ran into some friends, who introduced me to some models he was working with. When I mentioned that I am THE Brockstar Photography, the ice not only broke, it shattered into a million pieces. All of the sudden I heard, “YOU’RE BROCKSTAR PHOTOGRAPHY?!! OMG I HAVE WANTED TO WORK WITH YOU FOR SO LONG… You’re work is amazing!”

Now, I DO NOT know how to accept a compliment. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I still feel like my work needs some serious work. But I am coming to grips that my work is decent and improving ever so slightly.

That was repeated throughout the day, and it made me feel SO good! While I know I have a LONG way to go, it feels to go know that I am creating work that gets me recognized.

Now, I wanna really push towards the sexy goth/steampunk couture imagery I am chasing, as well as the nerdy stuff.

So, with this post, I will shoot select glamour/boudoir, but I really want to create productions and do amazing, jaw-dropping work. Don’t worry. The glamour won’t completely disappear. I’m still planning on attending the epic pool shoot on a regular basis, as well as the monthly treks to Scott Church’s place.

And that’s not all…!

I also wanna shoot some video. I have been wanting to take the complete plunge into video production for ever. DJI inspired me last week with the launch of their new Spark drone. I have grand ideas of creating content for another website I run and video is a big part of the vision. And best of all, I met a model who is completely willing to be my test model and help me get started! Awesome!

So, things are coming together. Slowly. But they are coming together nonetheless. Time to get out of this office and head home. Catch you next post!