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Recharging the Creative Battery

Wow! It’s been a while. I feel like a stranger on my own site right now.

Work got the best of me for the last couple of months. I didn’t shoot much of anything over the last couple of months and felt like I was beginning to miss a large part of me. Luckily I work for an amazing woman who understands work/life balance (because — being a workaholic — I don’t). She forces me to take time off and do the things that help me recharge my creative battery.

So, after the last push to launch a couple of website products at the day job, I took a couple of days off. And guess what? One of my favorite models also took the day off to hang out with me!

Yup! That’s me and the lovely Miss Lolita Marie! We rented out a carousel for an hour in the Washington, DC area and did a classic pinup shoot. I am working through the edits and there are some gems. We had such a ball!

And the best part was that after the shoot, we decided to take a ride. just the two of us! Two big kids giggling like we were toddlers again on this carousel.

After the carousel, we grabbed a bite to eat and headed to Great Falls Regional Park. I LOVE that park. It’s one of my favorite places to shoot. We trekked for a bit and found this really cool alcove. The light was coming through the trees and lit Lolita just right!

The weather was a bit hot and super humid in the nation’s capital. So after shooting for most of the day, we were exhausted. But we came out with some great shots.

This outing recharged the battery for me and definitely has me wanting more! I will be heading to Scott Church’s studio this coming weekend to shoot a large selection of models. I like choices!

The following weekend, I will be heading up to Baltimore to take part in an epic mansion shoot with the most incredible lineup of models I have ever had the chance to work with. Craziness WILL ensue, and I will have some amazing shots to share with you! I will also be kicking off my Patreon page and I will add some new items to my online store.

Stay tuned!