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An Idle Mind Is The Devil’s Playground

And the devil is hanging upside down from the monkey bars… Those who know me know that I run at a hundred miles a minute when I am inspired. But when that inspiration burns out, I am quick to abandon ship and search for a new fire.

I am rapidly approaching that point.

I got out of the gate quickly when it came to re-branding my photography. I am still excited to make it happen but I am having a tough time pushing through and making things happen. I feel I have been in a stagnant state for too long and this is making me antsy. I need to see some progress, otherwise I am quick to drop it and move on to something else.

So. For anyone who is reading this and wants to see more of my work and see me develop as a photographer, let’s get together and make some things happen. Seriously.

I am already snatching up social media accounts for my next endeavor…