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Shoot Postponement And The Ensuing Letdown

I have a cool shoot scheduled for later today. I am going to join a number of other photographers to shoot models with NFL-themed bodypaint to celebrate the new NFL season. Stoked!

Gear packed.

Ideas flowing.

Research of poses done.

Lemme check my email.

Wait… What…!? “Today’s shoot has been postponed…”


There’s nothing to a creative like having creative juices flowing and then having the rug pulled from under you, leaving you flat on your back with the weight of the creative endeavor resting squarely on your chest.

I understand shit happens, but I haven’t been behind my camera in a couple of weeks and I was REALLY looking forward to this shoot. Especially considering that I am moving out of glamour photography. I will still catch a glamour shoot here or there, and this was one of them.

So now I need to put this creative energy elsewhere…