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A Whole New World

WOW! That’s all I can say about the last month or so. I have met so many amazing, attractive, talented, intriguing, friendly people and been introduced to so many amazing sub-cultures. Cosplay, goth, steampunk, Latin dance. Wow, I am so excited and SO HUMBLED by the words and gratitude of people I have shot.

I was almost brought to tears — at work — by a young lady I worked with this past weekend at the DC Bachata Congress. She seemed uncomfortable in the dress she was wearing and said she’s a streetwear girl. I suggested she change into her desired gear and the shots we got after that were amazing! As much as I love the boobies, I will ALWAYS work to make people as comfortable as possible! Khrist tells me I am too nice, but I can’t help it… Maybe one day I will be more ruthless. Probably not, but who knows…?

I am still recovering from this weekend. A weekend that saw me spend 7+ hours on the rooftop of the Renaissance Hotel in DC and hit the studio with a very talented Deadpool-inspired cocktail dress maker. Every muscle and bone in my body is screaming at me. And I mean SCREAMING! (I have no idea how the awesome ladies and gentlemen at the DC Bachatta Congress do it.)

The photos are being edited, as well as the Otakon photos. I wished I had more hours in the day, but I am grinding through. I am exhausted, but I am going to push through. I can’t wait for the upcoming long Labor Day weekend — even though I know I am going to spend most of it behind a computer monitor 🙁

I can’t wait to show more work! Much, much more to come!