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“I Have The Best Friends” And Other Related Thoughts

If we have just embraced after coffee or I have not spoken to you in forever — I love each and every one of you!

I believe I take it for granted, but I have some of the absolute BEST friends in the entire world. Granted, my circle is very small. But my friends are a complete snapshot of who I am. Funny, clumsy, creative, thoughtful, loving, forgetful, introverted, extroverted, sexy, passionate, grumpy, classy, etc., etc., etc.

I had another photo session with a friend of mine. This time, she brought company. We had an absolute blast playing with light and making awesome happen.


I am NOT the networking beast I wished I was. But this particular friend has some crazy power over people. She needs to write a book or some shit. I think it even surprises her how influential she can be.

After shooting I couldn’t help but to edit a couple of quick photos for my muses. And the results were overwhelming. Only a few short hours after posting the images on their social media pages, requests for shoots blew up! I always said I wanted to be busy beyond comprehension. I am not at that point yet, but I can definitely see how it can happen!

recently I had a phone conversation with an AMAZING soul. She is a designer in the world of dark fashion — a world I am slowly immersing myself in to. The insight she had about the relationships within the community and the creative power that I have to harness and responsibly wield was mind-blowing. She definitely got me thinking on a whole new level. The 45 minutes we spoke was more insightful than the hours and hours of reading I have done in the last 2 years. And none of the info that was shared was even in my reading. Such a different perspective than what I initially thought and practiced. You, my dear, are a goddess!

Otakon is behind me. As much as I hyped it up for me, it was less than stellar. The weather was unbearable and there seemed to be a weird energy in my opinion. I overheard several conversations where people said the exact same thing. I chased around photo shoots that got cancelled and didn’t watch a single panel or workshop.

I did learn a LOT about convention photography and I can’t wait until I can go to the next con and apply a lot of the things I learned. Another friend came to the rescue and offered me some of her thoughts. My next convention will be much different. I will only shoot hall shots for a few hours, then pack up my gear and enjoy the con. More thoughts and snaps from Otakon to come.

I have been SO busy with work and getting ready to make my branding shift. I MUST thank my friends again — each and every one of you — for offering love, support, constructive criticism and “matter-of-facts.” No matter how much I may not want to hear it, I value your time and thoughts.

I love you!