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Gearing Up For The Con

Sounds like an Ocean’s Seven intro, but I am actually talking about the upcoming Otakon convention in Baltimore this weekend. I am so excited and can’t wait! So many people! So much cosplay! So many anime episodes to watch! So many Gundams to build! So many games to play! So many photo opportunities!

But before I head off to the destination of fellow anime nerds everywhere, I am wrapping up some loose ends. I have a TON of photos still in queue to be edited and worked on and I have a video project for the Fairfax Photo Collective that I have been editing. Learning new things and remembering how to do older things. I also have some graphic design pieces that are going to be added to my portfolio soon.

My preparation for the photo-filled weekend is coming along. I already mentioned my con equipment kit. I have trimmed some of the items to make it a bit lighter to carry around and fit my con budget. I had a couple of recent photo successes to ride my creative high a little longer. I am getting there.

Today I placed my order for some quick business cards from Moo Cards (www.moo.com) which should arrive by Thursday.

As if that wasn’t enough, I have a industrial design/fashion product in the works. More on that another time…

So with all of the pieces working I think I am in good shape. I have been in contact with cosplay models looking to submit photo sets and video products on their various outlets. I am starting to generate a little buzz and I really like it. It’s what I have asked for. But there’s so much more to do. Don’t want to rest on my laurels. I have to continue pushing forward.

I believe I am going to work on planning my Ms. Pac Man shoot as soon as Otakon is over. That shoot has been stuck in my head since last year and I think it would be a good shoot to kick off my production-styled shoots.

With the number of Harley Quinns that have popped up since the Suicide Squad movie, I need to find another angle to shoot that character. I have a model that has been waiting on me to do this shoot. I feel bad for having to wait this long, but budget and lack of funding has slowed this shoot to a sloth-like crawl. I plan to knock that out soon, as well as a female Luffy cross-play from One Piece. I have been in contact with a company to make the costume. I just need a cute, busty model and a boat…

With all of this photography stuff I haven’t made much time for sketching. I have dedicated a bit of my free time to practicing my Street Fighter V skills and painting more Craftworld Eldar for upcoming Warhammer 40K games. Gotta keep balance….