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The Countdown Begins

Seven days! Seven days and counting to the east coast’s largest otaku gathering of the year! I know. I know. I keep talking about Otakon. You’re probably as tired of hearing me talk about Otakon as you are hearing about Pokemon Go or being bombarded with twerk videos… (sure, I like bouncy asses, but I’m a boobs guy…)

Anyways, Otakon is so important this year because it’s kind of a benchmark event for me. This is the first opportunity I get to test out everything I learned in a super high-paced environment with my focus being photography and not necessarily the con workshops and events. Tens of thousands of people are coming and going everywhere! I get to work on and refine my people skills. I get to analyze light and balance ambient versus strobes. And I get one shot at making each photo amazing… maybe 2 if the cosplayer is patient.

I plan to head up next Thursday afternoon and scout the city. What changes have taken place over the last year? What changes have taken place since the last time I was there a couple of months ago?

So much excitement!

Once I get past this benchmark and evaluate the results, I move on to phase 2, which is further developing the Brockstar brand. Glamour cosplay and cosplay boudoir are my aim. I want to be THE premiere photographer for pervy nerds… yeah, in addition to being an actual kick-ass photographer of course. I have a couple of shoots I am working on for after the con and I will continue to push forward.

1One of my big hurdles is cosplay. I have a few shoots in my head that are going to require custom cosplay work, and I am NOT a seamstress or armourer… One such cosplay in my head is a crossplay Luffy from One Piece. I REALLY wanna find a model, get the costume and find an awesome yacht to shoot on.

I need to find a cosplay maker teammate. Let’s see what happens in the days, weeks and months to come.