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Success! And The Willingness to Learn

Hey all! Happy Monday! I am riding a serious high from my shoot this weekend. I am taking a little time to celebrate my victory and learn from the planning and preparation Ip put into this past weekend’s photoshoot with Khrist. Redemption achieved.

The lighting, wardrobe and makeup were on point. I also invested in an Eye-Fi Mobi and wirelessly tethered to my iPad which offered a SERIOUS boost to my productivity. Holy shit why did I not do that sooner?! Tethering on such a large screen allowed me to make adjustments on the fly and having it wireless meant that I was able to pass the tablet to Khrist and have her make adjustments. I will never head to another shoot without this setup again. My plan is to get a small tripod with casters and one of those iPad brackets so I can have the tablet sitting upright and be mobile on the tripod. Awesome setup!

13876688_1615099755448820_6649770238897866702_nWhile the shoot was a success, I still have much to learn. One such lesson came when a fellow photographer friend of Khrist stopped by. He took a look at the iPad and complimented me on my light, which was awesome coming from someone so established! However, the student in me had to settle the rest of me down. Larry proceeded to berate me on my volume of shots. “Slow the fuck down,” he told me. He was absolutely right, and I knew that criticism was coming as soon as he formulated the thought. He told me to shoot as though I was shooting on film. Since I didn’t take photography particularly seriously back in the film era because of — the cost of film and processing — I am having to readjust my training and refine my craft.

When I got home and dropped my shots into Lightroom, I was stoked. The shots looked like they did on the iPad and I was very pleased. And before I could pat myself on the back, I heard Larry’s voice in my head. “There’s no reason why it should take me this long to get from one look to another… Why do you have so many shots of pretty much the same thing…?” He’s right. I have over 300 shots made up of 3 looks and 4 lighting setups. That averages out to over 100 shots of each wardrobe look. WAY too many photos of the same thing.

So, while building on my lighting and developing my brand identity, I also need to work on getting more bang for my buck. Fewer shots of the same thing. Setup. Shoot. Adjust. Setup. Shoot. Move on. I also realize how this will increase my chances of getting published work. With only 3 looks, it limits the number of magazines I can send the shots to. Magazines don’t want already-published work. They want exclusives. So I need to increase my “look output.”

But for now, I am going finally give myself that pat on the back. Then I am going to get to editing and planning for my next shoot!