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Planning Is NOT My Strength… But I AM Trying

So I have a few days before my next shoot. I am planning a Pokemon-themed shoot and I have taken my experiences from my last shoot and applying them to this one.

One of the things I think I really learned was that I must PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. So now I have a spiral notebook to jot all of my notes in rather than relying on my horrible A.D.D.-riddled memory. I have assembled a Pinterest board to share with the models and I have lighting diagrams sketched out in my notebook.

I have a miniature shots list that I will expand on over the next few days and an equipment list for the lighting setups I have. One of the places I lost time was in trying to decide what the lighting was supposed to look like. I don’t feel like I got the most out of my lighting. While the images came out okay, the lighting could have been much more creative.

I have a 4-light high-key setup that I will break down to a 2-light low key setup, then move a light and finish off with a 3-light beauty dish setup. Pretty typical, but I have a limited time table and I need to be able to get from one setup to the next in no time.

With the lighting ideas sketched out, I now have a chance to see what options I have within the lighting for posing and other lighting options such as gels and fog machines and such. I didn’t have this option with my last shoot because I spent my “experimental” time figuring out what the base lighting was supposed to look like.

So, in the meantime, I will practice these setups and see what I can do with them to take them to the next level and make any adjustments necessary before the shoot. I will document any findings or discoveries in my notebook and I’ll have a handy guide by my side.

I have Post-It notes in my notebook for a list of costume items, props and such. Just another way to keep track of what I am doing.

I already feel more confident about this shoot, although my model choices have still yet to confirm. This is the most nerve-wracking part of the process and the reason why I put the camera down so many times in the past. As a glamour photographer, people are my greatest asset. However, I have very little faith in humanity, so having to count on other to decide they want to support my vision is a bit of a pain in the ass. But I must deal with it and find ways to turn these interactions into positive ones.

The one thing I would really like to do with this upcoming shoot is shoot tethered. I feel like shooting tethered with my last few shoots would have eliminated a lot of mistakes on my part. It also would have helped me see things that were off with the model and would have led to me giving better direction.

I am still trying to decide whether to take my laptop or grab my iPad and tether to that via Eye-Fi SD cards. Again, something to spend some time on in the time leading up to the shoot.

Other than that, I am finding this process a little easier to work with. Practice, practice, practice is going to be the name of the game for the next few days. That and find amazing influences and break them down. Posing, lighting, props, etc. It’s the only way I am going to get to the knockout portfolio I wish to have.