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And THIS Is Why I Don’t Plan… The Best Laid Plans

So I just posted about the lessons learned and how I needed to do a better job planning. But what happens when you make every attempt to plan and everything falls apart anyways?

Well, that’s what I am dealing with right now. You know that Pokemon-themed bondage shoot I have been planning for the last month? Not happening. My models have other obligations and my shoot dropped to the bottom. Now with scheduling conflicts, I am the odd man out.

This fuckin’ sucks ass!

So, I am back to the drawing board.

I did get a message from Khrist about an opportunity to shoot again. I am planning to hop all over that! I would like the opportunity to redeem myself after the shoot a couple of weeks ago. I learned a LOT from reviewing those images and I have some really good ideas that I think can push the shoot much further than the last attempt.

This is what experience does for you. If I was shooting as often as I want to be, I’d be further along. But I am not, and I can’t dwell on that. All I can do now s go out and fuckin’ rock the next shoot! Period.

In the meantime, I am making some awesome connections in preparation for Otakon in a month. I am super excited about this con. My annual pilgrimage to be a complete nerd around other complete nerds! So much fun! Stay tuned to my social media for updates.

On a visual design note, I have been thinking that I have not done much design work in a while. I think I am going to start a new illustrative piece. Maybe a handlettering project or something. I need some meditative illustration to get me thinking on another level.

To cure my frustration and enter my zen state, I have gotten back into working on some tabletop wargame models. I have been spending some time re-assembling, re-painting and re-basing my Iron Warriors and Adeptus Mechanicum miniatures¬† from my Warhammer 40K army. I haven’t in a while, but I’ll be posting updates on my hobby page soon!

The fun never stops!

That’s all for now. I’ll be back with some other thoughts a little later.