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I Need a Portrait of This Pirate

I was browsing the interwebs a week ago, killing time while I was waiting for my family to get tired of being at my place when I ran across an image that made me get all kinds of excited (for multiple reasons…).

Bandai has been doing a few gender cross figures and I must say, the ones for the anime series One Piece are amazing!

This new figure is of the main character Luffy and I NEED TO SHOOT THIS! I am scrambling trying to find a cosplay maker who can get me this costume and I have a couple of models already in mind who I think can pull this off.

So far, it looks like Cospicky.com is my choice! We’ve sent several emails back and forth and I think they can do this. I am sure it’s going to be super-generic, so I need to friend a seamstress and make this work. I can’t fuckin wait! This is going to be epic!

My focus is on the Pokemon shoot I want to do next, but this just threw me in a whole other direction… damn A.D.D.