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The Thunder is Rumbling and I am Face Up In Bed

It’s a stormy night here in northern Virginia. One of the only reasons I like this time of year is the lightning storms and rolling thunder. When I was younger, my Pops and I would sit out on the front steps of our Largo townhouse after a good rain and just watch the light show in the sky. Since then, I have always loved watching the flashing streaks across the sky and listening to the gentle rumble crescendo into an earth-shaking percussion than no stereo speakers could imitate.

Since I can’t sleep, I am running through my Instagram feed and wasting away time looking at pics of super-buff muscle women and sexy cosplayers that I wished I could be photographing at this very moment.

I saw a post from a model friend of mine who said she left a shoot early today because she got really creepy vibes from a photographer. Really disgusts me. I mean. I know I can be a bit of a perv sometimes. But it’s harmless. And people who know me know that I am completely harmless.

But for someone to physically fear for their safety, let alone someone I vibe with, really bothers me. With that said, it made me consider how amazing our intuition and gut instincts are when it comes to basic survival, and how often I ignore those instincts.

I have been on a bit of a self-improvement kick lately. I have been making it a point to do the things I enjoy and inspire me more often. That’s why I have made it a point to shoot more photography and try to learn video. Those are the things my instincts and gut are telling me to go after.

I wonder where I’ll be of I actually give in and pursue that path…?