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The Pursuit of Published Work

I have been shooting photography for a little over 8 years now—off and on. More off than on, but that’s another story.

Recently I have seen friends of mine get work published in various magazines and some have even gone on to have gallery showings. That’s awesome that I am among so many talented individuals. Many who think my work is very good.

So for the last year or 2, I have had the idea that I want to get work published. I feel like this is my year. I believe I have found my voice—although it is still in development—and my lighting skills are improving. I have met some amazing models and I am slowly discovering cosplay and lingerie designers that really pique my interest.

So what’s stopping me from moving forward?


I don’t know where I want to get published, and that kind of sucks! The old adage is if you can think of it, it’s on the internet. So what website or publication caters to erotic cosplay fitness models with tattoos who like to dress in alternative fashion?

I have no idea. And since I have a regular 9-5, searching the seedy parts of the interwebs results in website blocked alerts. I am sure I am on IT’s watch list.

One of my favorite models, Khrist, is coming to town in a few weeks with the goal of shooting work to get published in Rebel Ink Magazine. I’m totally stoked that she has so much faith in me and wants to create with me. That humbles me greatly. I need to study and prepare. And while I am at it, I need to compile a list of publications to submit work. I have several shoots upcoming and I am super-excited!

Stay tuned!