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Sketches & Doodles: 2016.0624

Happy Friday! It’s been a terribly long week and things are not looking any better. looks like next work week is going to be just as crazy.

With the work week being a stressful mess, I needed to find a little time to get away and let my mind go. That’s where the Doodles & Sketches post cam from. Just a little highlight on the things that allow me to just let go. This week’s doodle is one my daughter absolutely loves.


20160610_155541 20160610_155603 20160610_155553

She calls them the Bubble Characters. As the sketch progressed, I would rotate the page to work on a portion and add more details to already existing designs. That created an interesting aesthetic where the piece took on different properties and showed the same character multiple ways, depending on your viewing angle.

I was planning to ink this one, but since I drew it in my sketchbook, I didn’t want the ink to make a mess. I am working on a version on some Canson board so I can ink it. It’ll be available in my SHOP once it’s completed.