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My, How I’ve Grown

I was sitting on the couch last night watching my Pens beat up on the Caps in game 4 with my iPad in my lap. I am having to go through the device because I got that annoying message about how my iPad had reached capacity. I was clearing out some old apps I don’t use and some eBooks I have finished reading and I came across an old FUSE Magazine.Without viewing the cover, I started swiping through the images. Such amazing images in that mag. Then I stopped on page 12, and I smiled.That Fuse issue had an interview with the amazingly talented photographer, BeansFotos.

BeansFotos photograph linked from Urbasm.com website

BeansFotos is a photographer down in New Orleans that I am a fan of. His work is gorgeous and I work to be as consistent and shoot the volume that he shoots.

I started reading through the interview and took in all the words of wisdom. Towards the end of the article the interviewer asked, “what is your best advice for aspiring glamour photographers?” His answer provided a great deal of insight to me.

I have been shooting on and off for the last 8 or so years. (More off than on.) But recently I have received affirmations and compliments that I am pretty good and that people like my work. Still nowhere close to where I want to be, but as an artist I am always going to be chasing “better.” These affirmations and compliments have made me really consider taking consistency seriously, growing and fostering new relationships and increasing my volume of shoots.

I am at the point where I am still paying for models, so the work I am putting in is still an investments towards 10,000 hrs, but I feel I am getting closer to the crest of the hill. That place where I am starting to get emails and DMs from models looking to shoot and are willing to pay for shots and get work published.

What made me consider this post is that BeansFotos is now following me on Instagram. My work caught his eye and now my work is on display to him in his feed.

While this may seem like an eye-roll moment from many, this is really a monumental accomplishment to me. I very much consider myself a pup in the game. My shots count is much lower than the people I generally shoot with that have been shooting half as long as me. But I am working to change that. 🙂

Event though that magazine issue was ages ago, I sent a message to BeansFotos last night after reading the interview just to give him a shout out and let him know that his interview provided some insight.

This morning I received a message from BeansFotos to thank me for sending the note. Not something I was expecting, but as an artist, I know that acknowledgement is one of those things that just makes us feel we are on the right track. Classy, BeansFotos.

I have SO much more to learn and experience, but having grown to the point where I feel I can post my work and gain some recognition shows that my skills are improving and that my artistic voice is something people want to hear.

To see more work from BeansFotos, check out his site at www.beansfotos.com or check him out on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/beans_fotos.