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Getting Geared Up

I have recently decided that I want to take my photography and cinematography seriously. I am not exactly sure in what context, but I know I LOVE creating as much as I LOVE building.I sat down and had a bit of a meditation session. I have mentioned to several photographer friends of mine that I wanted to shoot more. I had to figure out why I don’t.

During the meditation session, I realized that I only shoot with friends because I don’t have my own equipment. I don’t have studio strobes and I am not a big fan of shooting outdoors. I don’t mind shooting outdoors, but I prefer studio work.

Paul C. Buff Alien Bees 800So, I decided I needed to invest in strobes. I managed to snag a couple of Alien Bees 800 flash heads on ebay. Now I need to pick up a few modifiers. I have a large octobox and a beauty dish on my list as well as grids for both.

I did a little research and I am stalking a couple of lightstands with boom arms from B&H.

After my shoot experience with Morgin and Cali, I realized I need a backup camera body and a better studio lens. Since I am planning to switch camera systems, I am looking to grab a lightly used or close to new 18-135mm STM lens as well as a Canon 80D. I also need to make sure I have a handful of SD cards.

Husky 35 in. Mobile Job BoxI bought a Husky 35″ mobile tool case that I will use for hauling my lights. I ordered some custom foam from Battlefoam.

Battlefoam provides the foam for my wargaming miniatures carrying cases, and I figured the trays would work perfectly in my camera case — and they are a LOT cheaper than companies that do specialized camera equipment foam inserts.

I also just snagged a blue Seahorse 920 case for my cameras and lenses.

SE920 GROUP4I managed to find a new Seahorse 920 with padded velcro dividers on ebay, so I will definitely rock the hell outta that. It’s large enough for my current camera, lens and speedlights arsenal and is large enough to accommodate the Canon camera bodies and speedlights that I plan to upgrade to. I prefer the hard case to the soft camera case I have now. I find that the accessibility and durability of the hard cases suit me better. Having dedicated slots for my equipment pieces helps me keep everything organized and at the ready.

Showing up to a shoot with an old Crumpler 3 Million Dollar Home bag was fine when I first got started, but it has long since been outgrown. It served its purpose, but now it’s time to step my game up.

I still need to pick up some Pocket Wizards and sync cables, but I feel I am making pretty substantial progress to my goal of shooting a lot more and defining my voice. I am chasing the self-proclaimed title of “THE glamour photographer for pervy nerds.” Should be a fun ride!