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Find The Thing That Rejuvenates You…

…and do it to death! Let me repeat. Find that thing that rejuvenates you, and do it to death!

I have a standard 9-5 as a web designer for a small media company. I am finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on work when all I can think about is what I am going to shoot next or how I want my next lighting setup to look or how I need to edit a photo I shot for the best results. Finding my photography voice has given me an unbelievable amount of creative energy and is lending itself to rejuvenating me as a visual creator.

Not to mention all of the possibilities I can unleash once I start this whole video editing training…

A co-worker stopped me in the hallway this afternoon and we had a conversation about how we both felt unusually spry. She recently started her own marketing company and is killing it. She’s finding ways to steal a few hours here and there, but she admitted that knowing that the extra hours sewing the seeds for her future professional harvest are so worth it. I admitted the same. I told her how I am now getting inquiries to shoot events and people that I once thought were out of reach. I mentioned that I wanted to be at the point where I had to turn down shoots because I was so busy with creating. I am finding myself stealing an hour or two in the morning before I leave the house for work and a few hours in the evening after work to make time for my own purposes. I enjoy researching other photographers and concepts and developing concepts for my upcoming shoots.

A college friend of mine DM’ed me and mentioned that she loves my work and would love to do a shoot with me. I can’t wait! I am SO excited to work with her and put some amazing shots together, and it’s giving me the kind of energy that makes it hard to go to bed at night.

I want to bottle this feeling and keep it forever. If you have experienced this type of energy before, you know what I am talking about. Congrats. If not, I encourage you to find that thing that rejuvenates you, and do it to death!