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I wake up every day with the desire to create incredibly memorable, fantastical, visually stunning stories via photographic and cinematic medias. I am very grateful for the amazing photographers, artists and models who have shared in the creation and allowed me to merge their stories within my collection of images and films. Enjoy!

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I do a little bit of everything—photography, video production, motion graphics, and graphic design. I'm an image-making, content-creating powerhouse! Here's what I have been working on lately.


Recent Portfolio Works

I do a little bit of everything. Photography. Video production. Motion graphics. Graphic design. Web design. I'm a visual branding and image-making powerhouse! Here's what I have been working on lately.


Goth & Steampunk Designers Let's Get Published

Have you heard? I am submitting work to magazines such as Gothesque Magazine, Dark Beauty and Azaria Magazine. I am looking for some amazing designers with amazing work to make beautiful images for use as magazine submissions or for your web store or social media pages. Let's make some shit happen!

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Learning experiences, equipment reviews and thoughtful rambles... kinda

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Interview With Benjamin Von Wong

Adobe posted an interview a couple of days ago with acclaimed photographer Benjamin Von Wong. This dude’s...
6th Jun 17

Starting To Feel Like A Rockstar, But I Must Say Goodbye

I wish to thank ALL of the models I have worked with. It’s been an amazing ride!...
5th Jun 17

Standing At A Crossroad; And Growing Up By Letting Go

So, what do you do when the thing that you love to do is considered to be...
26th May 17

Recharging the Creative Battery

Wow! It’s been a while. I feel like a stranger on my own site right now. Work...
23rd May 17

The Beauty And The Mamiya

Another successful shootout down! I had the pleasure of heading back up to Lebanon, PA last weekend...
16th Feb 17

Just An Update

As a friend recently posted to me, “Nature gives NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKS!” I simply nodded and replied back,...
9th Feb 17

The Breaking Point And Why I Am Done With Twerkers

So—full disclosure—I love the female figure. I love the curves and dimples, the boobs and the ass....
24th Jan 17

Reading List 2017

I figured I’d use this post to show what I want to read, keep track of what’s...
20th Jan 17

The Day I Decided to Become An Idea Machine

Idea sex. Yup. That’s right. I want to live by James Altucher’s concept of idea sex. My...
19th Jan 17

Art Re-Appreciation and What I Took For Granted In Art School

Yup. I am in transition—yet again. No surprise to anyone there, but this time it’s more of...
12th Jan 17

Already 11 Days In…

…and I must admit that I am off to a shaky start at best… I picked up...
11th Jan 17

Year-End Reflections and My 2017 Resolutions Brainstorm

Man, the year is almost over. 2016 has been of year of serious ups and downs. There...
7th Dec 16